A Happy Hobie Kayak Customer

We received this nice note from customer earlier this summer. What really struck me was how they mentioned they were using the Hobie Kayak to build strength, stamina and lose weight. Their new kayak is so stable they feel comfortable on the water. And if you think about it, pedaling a Hobie Kayak does not create the “pounding” on your body that running does.

Hi Brad and guys at HiTempo,

Well, we’ve had our Hobie Mirage Oasis for three weeks tomorrow, (Mon, June 19) and LOVE it. Have been all over the lake with it both solo and tandem, taken every neighbor and stranger for a ride that we’ve seen, and hope to send more business your way. We’re working up strength and stamina to start portaging into our ‘chain of lakes’ up here in NW Ontario, losing weight and getting in shape. Even my 84 year-young mom loves it and enjoys wildlife watching from a front row seat early of mornings when we head out. First time she hasn’t been afraid to get on the water. The Hobie Oasis Kayak is so stable my husband and I haven’t been able to tip it over even when we tried. Rides over waves and in windy conditions like a dream. Really like the fact that there’s no lower back pain, almost no need for the paddles–as the rudder system and pedals do it all–and don’t think we could or would ever go back to a paddle kayak for any reason. Thanks for all your help, advise and encouragement.


Jim & Anita P.

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