A Very Cool Kayak Fishing Movie

Last weeks Kayak Angler email news included a movie that absolutely left me awe struck.

The Power Of Kayak Fishing To Connect With Friends And Family

Ah, the memories! I fished with my Dad and Brothers growing up. I have raised my Son to enjoy the camaraderie of fishing and to appreciate the outdoors. I just got back from a 9 hour outing on the water with my Son and one of my Brothers when I played this video. Oh man, the tears started to swell as I recalled all the great times we’ve had together over the years.

It’s More Than Just Kayak Fishing

A big THANK YOU to Blue Ridge Kayak Fishing for sharing this. It brings back memories of my Dad rowing the boat while we trolled our bait. He’d teach us what to do and what to expect. He’d tell us about the fish we caught. But most importantly we created bonds, friendships and memories.