Are You In For A Minnesota Kayak Fishing Tournament?

Minnesota Kayak Fishing TournamentHey, it’s finally spring in Minnesota and it’s time to hit the lakes for Kayak Fishing. I’ve spent the last 2 months cruising for information on products and destinations to make this years fishing season better and memorable. Top of my product list is a brand new rod that I built by hand. This was a father and son activity. We each hand built a new Bass Rod. Very cool learning the craft of fishing rod building…and doing it with my kid. Before I started, I asked loads of questions online in Kayak Fishing Forums. Thanks to all my Kayak Fishing Forum friends who made recommendations and shared their knowledge!

What Are Your Kayak Fishing Plans?

The anticipation of planning and getting ready is a big part of the fun of a fishing trip. I’ll be posting some photos and re-caps of some of my Kayak Fishing outings in this blog. We want to know about your fishing plans, share a comment below if you like. We also want to know if your interested in participating in a Minnesota Kayak Fishing Tournament. The tournament would be a casual / fun format. Any skill level and any models of kayaks, canoes or float tube would be eligible to participate. The goal is to get Kayak Fisherman together, see what everyone has done with their rigs, learn new techniques and just have some fun in a low-key competitive environment. Date(s) and locations are open to your suggestions. If you’re interested, please send your brief information in the form below. All submissions from this form will only be contacted in regards to the Kayak Fishing Tournament, we promise.

Click here to send your name and email if you are interested in a Minnesota Kayak Fishing Tournament.