Check Out This Sleigh Ride While Kayak Fishing

It’s mid March and the snow is showing signs of melting here in Minnesota. We have quite a bit of snow so it will take some time for it to go. Ice fishing is winding down and my thoughts are turning to Kayak Fishing. I get Kayak Angler e-news once a week. I really look forward to it. I read Kayak Angler Magazine on my i-pad and between issues the weekly emails really get my blood pumping to get my Hobie Pro Angler out fishing on one of the more than 10,000 Minnesota Lakes.

I am really looking forward to hooking in to some big fish from my Hobie Kayak. Last week there was a story about a guy in Hawaii bringing in a huge swordfish in Kayak Angler e-news. Today I opened up my email and found a link to this classic video of a Southern California kayak fisherman. A summer “sleigh ride” in Minnesota? Could happen. I’ve hooked in to good size fish in Minnesota that pull my 18 foot power boat around. Just think what fun hooking a big fish could be from your kayak. When we hear “sleigh ride” in Minnesota we usually think winter. Not so for me anymore. See the video below.

WOW! That looks like a wild time. Imagine being out in your Kayak and hooking in to a big Musky or Northern. Maybe a Catfish or even a trophy Walleye. The thing about kayak fishing is you are right down on the water. The action is closer, the thrill is amplified. I’m getting ready to “crank it up” is season. So many lakes…so little time.