Get To “Secret” Fishing Hotspots With The Wildly Popular Hobie Pro Angler Fishing Kayak

On many occasions I have experienced the fishing phenomenon called “combat” fishing. The first time I heard the term was over 20 years ago when I was planning a fishing trip to Alaska. My brother-in-law lived in Anchorage and helped me plan my Kenai Peninsula trip.  We planned on fishing the Russian River during the Salmon migration. He smiled and said “so you’re gonna do some combat fishing”. I had never heard the term before, but I experienced it in Alaska and have come to realize it happens where ever fish are plentiful, they’re feeding and the area is easily accessible. If you fish much at all, you know that human nature is to assume that others know something that you don’t. So fisherman naturally follow other fisherman assuming they “know something”.

I’ve experienced combat fishing on Mille Lacs Lake, The Rainy River and many other popular Minnesota fishing spots.

Certain areas turn in to floating armadas with boats going shoulder to shoulder and toe to toe in pursuit of the species that’s hitting. It can be exhilarating when fish are being landed left and right and the “wooohooos” are flying. It can also be exhausting and in stark contrast to the peacefulness and solitude you can experience while kayak fishing.

I’m and early riser. When we are at the cabin, I like to get up and hop in to a Hobie Pro Angler Fishing Kayak and quietly find my way to fish. The keyword being “quiet”. This is early morning, no power boats or jet ski cowboys on the lake. No herd mentality fisherman jousting for that prime hump to fish over. Just me, the Hobie Kayak and some loons, deer or other wild life. I can sneak up on fish, the Hobie Mirage Drive is quiet and efficient. I love to fish and enjoy all types of fishing. But kayak fishing feels more intimate in the sense that you are closer to the water and the fish. It’s quieter, doesn’t smell of gas and oil and I don’t need to argue with fishing buddies on what the “correct speed, depth or drift is”.

Do battle with the fish…not other anglers!

All these thoughts came to me after reading a post by Ron Hustvedt of He talks about secret fishing spots, how he finds them and the portability of the Hobie Pro Angler Fishing Kayak. I found the post informational and fun to read (like all the stuff Ron does). You can even see some videos of Ron using the Hobie Pro Angler Fishing Kayak on some Minnesota lakes. Click here for the article.

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