Hobie Kayak Hunting

Kayak fishing season is just getting underway here in Minnesota. But recently I received a noticed of a video available from Kayak Angler magazine about Kayak Hunting. Rapid Media interviewed the Hobie Mid-Atlantic Rep at the Jersey Paddle Sports Show about waterfowl hunting from a Hobie Kayak.

The Stealthy Nature Of Hobie Mirage Drive Kayaks Makes Them Perfect for Fishing AND Hunting

Noise is a  HUGE factor in fishing and hunting success. The element of surprise plays a big role in your end of day results. Since your hands are free when operating a Hobie Kayak you can work your rod instead of paddling. The Mirage Drive is quiet…you can sneak up on fish lying in shallow waters that are not accessible to big boats.

Hobie Kayaks Also Allow You To Hunt Skinny Water And Secluded Areas

There’s a lot of water fowl areas in Minnesota that hold plenty of birds that are not easy to get to. Your Hobie Kayak can get you to remote ponds and sloughs where waterfowl hide out.  Hobie makes a complete line of accessories for hunters. From dodgers to gillie camo to gun holders you can transform your kayak in to ultimate duck and goose hunting boat. Watch the video below and learn how to outfit your Hobie Kayak for waterfowl hunting.