Hobie Kayaks Are In A Boating Class Of Their Own

In the history of human-powered boats, four distinct styles emerged: the umiak or open boat similar to today’s rowboat, dinghy, dory, etc; the canoe; the traditional closed deck kayak and coracles, the basket boats used throughout the world.  Modern technology, and a creative dose of marketing have expanded these categories far beyond the basic designs of the past.

Of all the modified styles and designs available in the 21st Century, one stands out, unique among the rest – the Hobie Mirage. It’s not a kayak, a canoe or any other modified hybrid. It is clearly in a class by itself.

As more water enthusiasts are drawn to recreational paddling, basic requirements for paddleboats became industry standards. The general recreational boater wanted stability, easy maneuverability, and a boat that would provide an efficient and secure ride for a variety of waters. Paddling became as much a means to an end as the enjoyable end itself.

Hobie has excelled in achieving an inviting watercraft that by its inherent stability and ease of use begs the user to explore a variety of activities while on the water. Wildlife viewers can concentrate on watching without a constant need to maintain stability. Anglers can work on an effective, stealth like approach instead of worrying about flailing paddles. As a platform for photography, Hobie Mirage Kayaks provide a stable, secure platform so the photographer can concentrate getting that perfect shot. The “hands free” propulsion provided by the ingenious flipper system, coupled with simple but effective hand-toggle steering puts a Hobie Mirage at the top of the list for the ideal photography platform.

Variations in width, length and storage capacity gives the Hobie user a broad selection of choices. Hobie has designed models that are short, boxy and ultra stable. They have also designed models that are long and sleek that cut through waves easily and are very fast.  Hobie Cat has addressed every want and need of today’s recreational paddler.

To fully appreciate all that a Hobie Mirage Kayak offers, make a point of trying out a variety of models during a “demo day”. There are many kinds of boats on the market today, most all of which are a variation on the basic themes – and then there’s Hobie Mirage Kayaks!

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