How To Catch Monster Minnesota Bass From Your Hobie Fishing Kayak

It was late in January and I had just returned from a hard water fishing trip. For those of you from warmer climates, that’s ice fishing in Minnesota terms. We have 2 seasons, open water fishing and ice fishing. I opened my email and found my latest e-news from Kayak Angler magazine and right there was a feature article from our friend Ron Hustvedt.

Ron Hustvedt In The Hobie Pro Angler Fishing KayakThe article is about dock skipping for bass. Ron explains how to find those big bass under docks and how to use a casting technique to get on them. Well my thoughts turned to those beautiful summer days I had spent in my Hobie Pro Angler going around the outside of Lakes flipping bass baits under and near docks for big bass. The cool thing about fishing from a kayak for bass under docks is that you are right down close to the water. Getting your lure under docks is much easier. The technique Ron talks about in his article makes sense. It allows you to get your lure further back under the dock.

Thanks for the insights Ron! I’m looking forward to getting on some big bass that are hanging out under docks this season. I’m also putting all the readers of this post on your article. Here’s the link: FISH FRIDAY: Skip For Bass With Ron Hustvedt.