Hobie Inflatable Kayaks

Hobie Mirage Inflatable Kayaks Are Designed For Easy Storage And Portability

Hobie Inflatable kayaks are perfect for people who don’t have the space to store a kayak or people that want to bring their kayak on trips, but don’t want to dedicate a trailer to the task or don’t want to strap a kayak to their vehicle. RV users are a perfect match for hobie inflatable kayaks.

Hobie inflatable kayaks are easy to inflate with the included hand pump. They are also easy to deflate and pack in the included heavy duty storage bag. The storage bag has built-in wheels for easy transportation.

Hobie i14T Inflatable Kayak

Hobie Mirage  i14T

Big time fun for 2 kayakers in a compact, portable package.

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Hobie i12S Inflatable Kayak

Hobie i12S

The i12S is the longest inflatable in the Hobie lineup. It’s a bit more stable than the i9S and is more comfortable for big and tall people.

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Hobie i9S Inflatable Kayak

Hobie i9S

The i9S packs big features in a compact form factor. This boat is perfect for small rivers and lakes and for those who have very limited storage space away from the water.

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