Kayak Fishing Video Gets Your Blood Pumping For The Upcoming Season

It’s only a matter of time now till our Minnesota waters are clear of ice and ready for us to set out in our kayaks to get on some fish.

Hobie National Kayak Fishing Ambassador Dennis Farrier knows how to get an audience on the edge of their seats. Dennis wrote and produced “Fish The World” video DVD. The video showcases beautiful fish, beautiful locations and the excitement of taking all this adventure in from a Hobie Kayak. Last weekend Dennis was in town to talk kayak fishing and to share his knowledge with visitors to the Northwest Sportshow.

I had the pleasure of attending his seminar. I have also had the pleasure of viewing the Hobie “Fish The World” video multiple times. Not only is Dennis an accomplished kayak fisherman, he is also a masterful writer and video producer. Dennis showcased these talents in the opening of his presentation at the Northwest Sportshow. He showed a short video that set the scene for what we are all looking forward to. The video starts with vehicles pulling in to parking area, gear being unpacked and boats hitting the water. The middle of the video story is all kayak fishing action. It’s just FUN TO WATCH!

Appropriately the video ends with silhouettes of kayak fisherman pedaling home with a gorgeous orange sunset in the background. In a short 2 minutes you experience a full day of preparation, launch, fishing action and wrap up.

Get pumped for some Minnesota kayak fishing action, watch the video below!


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