Kayak Safety – Rule Number 1

Spring has sprung, fishing season is open and the ice has been off the lakes for some time here in Minnesota and the fun has begun! But bear in my mind what Mom always told you before you head out on any adventure, “have fun…but be safe”. This Spring, the Minnesota DNR ran public service television commercials communicating the dangers of hypothermia. We all want to get out on the water and start enjoying it as soon as possible, but early season open water can be too cold and dangerous if you fall in. The public service announcements goal is to prevent drownings caused by people falling in to Minnesota lakes and streams that are too cold. The message is that you need to wear flotation devices in case you fall in to water that is so cold it causes a “gasp reflex” that involuntarily forces you to inhale water. As kayakers we need to be aware that ice-out and open water means kayak fun, but we need to educate ourselves and take all the necessary precautions to keep safe.

Kayak safety means having the correct safety gear and knowledge of safety practices

Hobie Kayak Safety FlagRecently I watched a video where a kayak fisherman barely escaped being struck by a power boat. The kayak fisherman had a bright yellow flotation vest on was following all safety practices. The power boat simply did not see the kayaker. I am strong advocate that you need a tall brightly colored flag that sticks up high above the water to help make you visible. Kayaks sit low in the water and they can be difficult for power boaters to see.

We’ll be adding more safety information to our blog, it’s important information

Hi Tempo and Hobie are dedicated to safe kayaking. Our friend Dennis Ferrier has produced a basic video on kayak safety. Please watch the video below to learn some basic safety practices.

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