Learn About Bass Fishing And Hobie Kayaks

Hobie Kayak Fishing DemonstrationIt’s just about show time here in Minnesota. There’s only one fishing / boat show left for us to show off the best fishing kayaks in the world. The water in our lakes is warming up to the point where hypothermia doesn’t threaten those who get out on the open waters that look so inviting. Get your kayak ready to hit the water and get to this show to learn how to catch more Bass this year.

Don’t miss the Minnesota Bass Expo April 20-22, 2012 at National Sports Center in Blaine, Minnesota

This show is specialized. It is tailored to Bass fisher people. Walleye fishing gets most of the attention here in Minnesota but Bass fishing holds a special appeal to many people. It has its’ own special gear requirements and the way you fish is specific to the species. And it has a strong tournament following.

Hobie Kayaks fit the needs of Bass Fisherman

Bass tend to like to get in to skinny water and skinny water is tough to get to in large motorized boats. Hobie kayaks can get in to shallow water easily and quietly. This makes them perfect for Bass fisherman who want to get to where bass hangout. We will have fully loaded Hobie Fishing Kayaks at the show. Stop by our booth, see why we have the coolest fishing machine for Bass Fisherman.

For more information on Hobie Kayak Fishing in Minnesota, call us at 651-429-3333 or visit our website at www.hitempokayaks.com