Minnesota Kayak Fisherman – Don’t Miss This FREE Seminar With Hobie Fishing Pro Dennis Farrier

Den Farrier Hobie Kayak Fishing Team

On Friday, April 1 (5:00pm) and Saturday April 2 (1:00pm), 2011 kayak fishing expert Dennis Farrier will present a seminar titled “Kayak Fishing Adventures” at the Northwest Sportshow at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Den graciously agreed to talk with us about what you will learn at these seminars and about his kayak fishing adventures.

Can you briefly outline what we will learn at your seminar at the Northwest Sportshow in Minneapolis, MN?

I will quickly survey the audience to get a feel for who owns kayaks, what models and whether they fish from their kayak. I will talk a little bit about what it’s like fishing with some of the best kayak fisherman in the world – like Hank Parker – and what it’s like to fish the world from a kayak. I’ll be giving out some copies of the “Hobie Fish The World” DVD I wrote, produced and appeared in.

I’ll get into “Kayak Fishing 101” I’ll cover why we fish from a kayak, and how kayak fishing differs from fishing from a boat, dock or shoreline. Attendees will learn the exact advantages we enjoy when fishing from a kayak, how to select a kayak and how I rig my kayak for fishing.  I’ll talk about the gear I won’t go on the water without and what I leave on the beach.

I’ll want to talk with those in the audience who already fish your local waters and beyond so that we might be able to share some of that local knowledge with others in the audience who are just getting in to kayak fishing.

We know that Hobie Kayaks are not only great fishing machines, but ideal for nature photography and video. Can you share some of your favorite photos and give us some location and conditions information?

I’m intending to open the session with a brief – maybe 3 minute – video that will also include stills of some of the spots I have fished from my kayak – Holland and France for example – where we catch some species that your Minnesota and Wisconsin fisherman will relate to. Take a look at some of the beautiful photos in the slide show below that were shot from my kayak. I’ll show many more at our seminar.
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What is the wildest most exciting kayak “sleigh ride” you’ve taken after hooking a fish? Tell us about species,  the experience and the location.

Alaska Halibut Kayak FishingSeveral come to mind.  For a quick dash I enjoyed a 120 pound Alaskan Halibut – I caught it off Coffman Cove on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska.  I’ll talk about how you handle a crazy large fish like this from a kayak. Thresher Sharks off Malibu Beach in Southern California will take you wherever they want until they tire a bit. A favorite sleigh ride memory was the result of hooking up a 48 pound yellowtail off Cedros Island, Baja California, Mexico. This fish has big shoulders and doesn’t tire. You’ve set your drag before you get off the Mother Ship [I was fishing off the Qualifier 105 out of San Diego] and when you hook up you make sure that your rod tip is pointed at your bow so the fish will pull you forward rather than sideways or backwards.  The rooster tail from the back of the kayak is a good two feet high and you’re moving very fast. The yellowtail took me the length of a football in what felt like 20 seconds and then turned 90 degrees toward the beach and took me right into the rocks.  Yes … I did land him but it was in about eight inches of water.

I think one of the great joys of kayak fishing the world would be the number of species that I was treated to that I hadn’t been at all familiar with until I fished that location. A four foot Barramundi in Australia comes to mind.

THANKS for taking time to talk with us Dennis! We look forward to your “Kayak Fishing Adventures” seminars.

Hi Tempo Hobie Kayaks will be exhibiting Hobie Fishing Kayaks at the Northwest Sportshow, booth #1428. Stop by and see the models that Den Farrier uses in his kayak fishing adventures.

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