Minnesota Kayak Fishing Club

We call Minnesota the land of Lunds and Alumacraft. Our state has a rich fishing tradition and traditionally that means fishing from aluminum or fiberglass full-sized, multi-user fishing boats. These boats are usually powered by outboard motors which allow more space inside the boat for gear and fisherman. These types of boats are expensive to purchase, operate and maintain. And they are difficult to haul around, launch and can’t get in to small, shallow, skinny waters (where the fish like to hide).

Kayak fishing is exploding in popularity around the country!

And the interest and excitement is moving inward to the midwest. WHY?

Consider these kayak fishing facts:

  • Kayaks are inexpensive to purchase versus full sized fishing boats
  • Fishing kayaks require no gasoline to operate (they’re green)
  • Fishing kayaks only require easy cleaning to maintain
  • Fishing kayaks can get in to places full sized fishing boats cannot

It’s more fun to share Minnesota kayak fishing experiences with other Minnesota kayak fisherman

Kayak fishing clubs have grown in popularity around the country. And as the excitement and interest moves to the interior of the country, kayak fishing clubs have grown in our region. It is only natural that we deserve our own clubs and organizations to promote the sport in our locality. These clubs allow us to focus on the species present in our waters and the strategies to catch them. No matter what type of kayak you use, check out this association to share your upper midwest kayak fishing experiences:

Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association

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