Minnesota Kayak Fishing Enthusiasts Learn From Local And National Experts

Kayak Fishing Experts Dennis Farrier And Tim LesmeisterSaturday, April 2, 2011 was a gorgeous spring day in Minnesota but many kayak fishing fans chose to be inside and head down to the Northwest Sportshow to see new gear and listen to Hobie Kayak Fishing Pros Dennis Farrier and Tim Lesmeister. This dynamic duo represents a vast amount of hours on the water fishing from Hobie Kayaks.

Why do they fish from Hobie Kayaks?

Farrier and Lesmeister took turns explaining how these boats let them get into skinny water and areas that can only be accessed by small water craft. They explained the “stealthy” nature of the Hobie Mirage Pedal Drive. They talked about how they could get right on top of fish without spooking them. Each of the experts gave examples from kayak fishing outings how the Mirage Drive enabled them to get right to where fish hang out.

Kayak fishing questions from the audience

Farrier and Lesmiester took a few questions from the stage and answered many more questions after the presentation in small groups and in the Hi Tempo Hobie Kayaks booth at the Sportshow. Some questions were from newbies interested in getting in to the sport and others were from seasoned kayak fisherman who wanted to get some expert advice from the masters. One Hobie user was curious about running down riggers from a kayak. Tim Lesmeister shared a technique he is going to use on Lake Superior. He is going to use torpedo weights to get his presentation deep to reach fish when they move in to deeper water.

An open spirit of sharing kayak fishing tips, trips and hot spots

The information presented at the seminar was fun to soak in and got my blood pumping for the upcoming season. We all know the memories from past fishing trips are golden. But the anticipation of upcoming trips provide something to look forward to. So what do Farrier and Lesmeister have planned for their Hobie Kayaks? WOW! These two shared the short list of upcoming Kayak Fishing Adventures. Lesmiester plans on getting one of his Hobie Kayaks in the Rainy River or out in the gap on Lake of The Woods and pulling in some of those giant pre-historic Sturgeon. I’m looking forward to the report from that outing! Farrier has a trip to Galapagos planned. He is loading up some inflatable Hobie Kayaks and flying to meet  his sons and create some of those precious family fishing experiences. He describes fishing in Galapagos like this “it’s like fishing in an aquarium, the fish are beautiful and brightly colored.” Oh, man, I’m gonna say it again…looking forward seeing and hearing about that trip.

Tim Lesmeister let the audience know that he talks about where he will be fishing in the coming week on his weekly radio show. He welcomes Minnesota anglers to join him or email him with any questions.

Could this dynamic kayak fishing duo collaborate again?

There were some rumblings that these two experts may be getting together for a kayak fishing outing in June, 2011 in Minnesota. As fun as it was to hear and see these two talk on stage it would be really cool to hear the fish stories from an outing on one of our Minnesota bodies of water.

We’d like to thank Dennis Farrier and Tim Lesmeister for graciously sharing their kayak fishing adventures

Dennis Farrier is a member of the Hobie National Fishing Team. You can learn more about Dennis here, Click here.

Tim Lesmeister is an outdoor writer, photographer, radio, and television host. Learn more about Tim and his local outdoors reporting here, Click here