Minnesota Kayak Fishing Enthusiasts Should See This Video


Northern Pike Caught In Holland From A Hobie Kayak

Kayak fishing is really gaining in popularity. The benefits of fishing from a Hobie Kayak are well known and obvious. The primary benefit is the “hands-free” nature of a kayak you “peddle” with your legs, rather “paddle” with your arms. After all fishing rods and reels are made to be operated with hands and arms. If you’re busy paddling you can’t operate your rod and reel. So as Kayak fishing gets more popular, many fisherman are looking to Hobie Kayaks as the best way to enjoy the sport.

The folks at Hobie are well aware of all the buzz around kayak fishing and have produced a new film titled “Fish The World”. It’s a lot of fun to watch. Check out the video, watching people catch fish is fun and gets you pumped to get out there and get a line wet. You’ll see kayak fisherman using multiple Hobie Kayak models to catch multiple species of fish. And if you fish Minnesota lakes like I do, you have probably hooked in to a Northern Pike from time to time. You’ll see kayak fisherman in Holland hooking in to Monster Pike from their kayaks.

Check out the video, then come in to Hi Tempo to check out the Hobie Fishing Kayaks.

Click here to watch the Hobie “Fish The World Video”