Minnesota Kayak Fishing – The Ice Is Out, Let’s Get Out There!

I’ve been anticipating ice-out on Minnesota lakes and last weekend the warm weather and heavy winds did the job. I’ve been doing some research on the Panfish and Crappie lakes in the Twin Cities, MN area. I found some websites that gave me some good insight on where to find Crappies. Even better, one article mentions areas by Manitou Island on White Bear Lake. Woooohooooo! That’s not far from the Hi Tempo Hobie Kayak center. My plan is to venture out on a nice day next week and see if I can find the Crappies based on the article I read.

I even took in some tips from Minnesota Kayak Fishing expert Tim Lesmeister

Sunday afternoons Tim Lesmeister hosts Outdoor Talk on radio station KTLK 100.3 FM. Fun stuff to listen to for outdoorsman. Even if you can’t catch the live show, podcasts are available to listen to at your convenience. Last Sunday the talk spread to early season crappies and where you might find them. Tim suggested you try the weeds and water close to shore. if the Crappies aren’t in there they may staging in some deeper water waiting for the water to warm up by shore. Bobbers and slip bobbers were suggested. Waxies or even chunks of Gulp bait were suggested.

So that’s going to be the first Kayak Fishing outing for me this year

Here’s an excerpt from the Minnesota Sportsman Magazine article. I am using this information to guide me on this years first kayak fishing outing.

“White Bear Lake, at 2,416 acres, puts up some impressive panfish numbers, too, and getting on the water is far easier. Once the ice recedes, head straight to the southeast flank of Manitou Island. Here, cattail upon bulrush paints the shoreline, covering a wide range of depths and structures. Pick through the dead hardstems and you’re sure to raise a slab.”

Oh man…I know right where that is. I’ll be there next week!

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