Minnesota Kayaking Is Exploding In Popularity

According to a recent St. Paul Pioneer Press article Kayak registrations in Minnesota have grown 331 percent since 1999. The article was written by Chris Niskanen and featured an outing to Square Lake with Hi Tempo’s Jack Zweber to give the author a hands-on (or feet on) experience with Hobie’s exclusive pedaling kayaks.

The outing became an “aha” moment for the author. Here’s how Niskanen described the experience:

“Zweber and I were on Square Lake in northern Washington County, testing a pair of Hobies on a fishing trip. Zweber paddled — I mean pedaled — across the lake to a weedy bay, tossed a spinnerbait into the water and quickly landed two northern pike.

A small craft that is easy to propel and handy for small lakes — now I saw the allure of fishing from a kayak”

-Chris Niskanen, St Paul Pioneer Press

The article is a fun, informative read on the use of kayaks in Minnesota. We’d like to thank Chris Niskanen and the Pioneer Press for the privelage to show off our Hobie Mirage drive pedaling kayaks.

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