Nature Photography From Hobie Fishing Pro Angler Fishing Kayak

Hobie_Pro_Angler_Ron_HustvedtOur friend Ron Hustvedt of has been putting the Hobie Pro Angler to the test all over lakes in the upper midwest. His podcasts have been focusing on fishing from the Hobie Pro Angler but in his most recent podcast he explores features of the Pro Angler in some interesting ways.

For nature photographers, having your hands free while moving about a lake allows you to capture wildlife scenes at precious opportune moments. With Hobie Kayaks, you can have your video or still camera at the ready at all times since you peddle the boat with your legs. Your hands are free to operate your camera. In the latest video, Ron uses the Hobie Kayak to get up close and personal with deer and ducks…and of course gets close enough to some large mouth bass to get them to bite his bait.

But for me the most interesting views in the video are the underwater scenes. You get a unique view of the Hobie Mirage Drive in use. But even more interesting is the underwater view of the Hobie Pro Angler. THIS BOAT IS HUGE! In one scene you see the bottom of the Pro Angler’s tri hull design. You really understand that this boat is built for stability. It is wide and very comfortable. Suitable for people of all sizes.

Watch the video, then come in to the store and see all the Hobie Kayaks and talk with our Hobie product specialists. THANKS, again to Ron Hustvedt for allowing us to share his video.