Outdoor Writer Tim Lesmeister Expands His Minnesota Fishing Kayak Fleet

Using a Hobie Kayak is addicting. It’s just so much fun! It’s even more fun when you share it with other kayakers. In our last post we wrote about a customer who has sent photos of their fleet of over 10 Hobie Kayak models.

This week our good friend Tim Lesmeister picked up #4 and #5 in his fleet of Hobie Kayaks. Tim now has 4 Hobie Mirage Outbacks and an i14t. Tim told us he has been finding some of Minnesota’s top kayak fishing spots. Spots that are not accessible by big boats but ideal for the easily transportable Hobie Fishing Kayaks.


The Hobie Outback Kayaks are easily loaded and unloaded by one person on the top of his Chevy SUV (see slideshow above). A Hobie plug-in cart makes it easy for Tim to transport his kayak to remote spots that are inaccessible by most boats.

Thanks Tim for all you do to promote Hobie Kayak Fishing in Minnesota!

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