Review Of The Hobie Kayak Torqeedo Electric Motor

Last week I had the pleasure of heading out to a local lake with a Minnesota Fishing Blogger. The blogger wanted to take a test drive in a Hobie Pro Angler and and a Hobie Outback with a Torqeedo motor. The Torqeedo produces quiet, clean, and efficient electric propulsion for Hobie Kayaks. You can use the Torqeedo for hours and not drain the lithium manganese high performance battery. We operated the drive for 3 solid hours at varying speeds and the LCD display (that shows range traveled, current speed and GPS data) still showed battery power at 75%!

Hobie Fishing KayaksThe Torqeedo motor is available as a rudder mount or as a Mirage Drive well drop in. We were using the rudder mount version. The first thing all the users noticed was the responsiveness and power delivered by the drive. The 3 testers who used the Torqeedo that day range in size from 170 pounds to 270 pounds. Each of us noticed that when you punched the throttle down the kayak’s bow “jumps” out of the water. It’s pretty obvious what Hobie means when they named when they named the drive “Torqeedo”, there’s ample thrust put out by this drive. Nik, the youngest guy (a mechanic and motorhead) responded “that thing is sick!”, meaning crazy, cool, insane!

What really impressed me was the precise increments in speed I could achieve. Fishing success depends on several factors. One factor is the speed at which you retrieve a cast or troll your bait. The speed can entice lazy fish or aggressive fish to strike depending on conditions. Fishing was not on fire that day so I used the Torqeedo to precisely change the speed I was trolling my crankbait at. I dialed my speed down to 1.1 m.p.h. and fished a while. No strikes so I cranked up the Torqeedo to 1.9 m.p.h. still no action. I started messing around and found I could precisely control my speed in .1 m.p.h. increments! Finding the speed strike zone repeating that speed can be very easy.

If you want to test drive a Hobie Kayak or the Torqeedo drive, visit our demo page, click here.