Stunning Videography From A Hobie Kayak

The hands-free operation and ultra quiet propulsion system make Hobie Kayaks a nature photographers best friend

If you love animals and enjoy seeing them in natural surroundings you know that blending in to the environment is key to getting up close. Loud, motorized boats and jet skis are disruptive to wild life in their natural environment and they will scatter and flee when they sense an intruder.

The Hobie Experience with Rick Rosenthal shows how naturally blending in with nature and respecting their environment pays off in stunning imagery

Award-winning videographer and marine biologist Rick Rosenthal shares his Hawaiian adventure on a Hobie Mirage Inflatable i9S, a Hobie Mirage Tandem Island, and a Hobie Mirage Inflatable i14T. Watch Rick as he gets up close to wild Pilot Whales, Oceanic White-tip Sharks, Spinner Dolphins, a Manta Ray, and spectacular coral reefs.

Watch the video, enjoy the scenery


Thank you to Hobie for their continued efforts to bring us the splendor and beauty of the natural world!

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